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May 18, 2007

The Red Sox ♥ are amazing right now! I am so impressed with them taking 3 out of 4 games with Detroit. I have never seen such deep pitching (& we still have Lester!) and such a line-up of “nasty” batters! Lugo is amazing to watch. He is lightening fast. I love the way he pops right up after stealing and sliding onto a base. Mike Lowell consistently gets the job done and rarely ever changes his expression. Jason is not only the cement of the team but his batting average is right up there for a catcher. The team seems so cohesive this year. Even when they are down (ex Baltimore) they have the confidence and the talent to win the game and get the job done! It is also amazing to see the pitchers pitching their way out of trouble such as bases loaded 1 out. There is something about the team this year…………… and I love it.

Unfortunately I fell asleep during the 2nd game and missed the incredible catch on the warning track!! Glad that they won though!


Red Sox

May 18, 2007